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Stories from Shu'fat Camp

This movie gives an insight of the live in Shu'fat refugee camp in Jerusalem. Women talk about their personal lives and difficulties they face in their daily life.


Iman Khashan recycles garbage from Shu'fat camp and by doing this creates beautiful artworks. She thinks about recycling as a supporting activity for the whole community.

Dabke Dancer

A young and passionate Dabke dancer tells us how she didn't let go of Dabke, a traditional Palestinian dance, even though she faced many difficulties due to her gender. Dabke gives her shelter and motivation.

Miserable Dream

A brave woman tells how she got married at a young age and was then abused and mistreated by her husband. 

The Situation of Women in Shu'fat Camp - Special Interview

Roshdiee Shreem interviews Sundos Hamdan, coordinator at the Women's Center in Shu'fat camp, about the situation of Palestinian women in Shu'fat. Afterwards women on Shu'fat's streets will talk about their personal experiences.

Unhappy Birthday

A women prepares her birthday party when she receives a call...

Our Right to Health and Happiness

Women of Shu'fat Refugee Camp show their daily obstacles to mental health. At the same they give examples of positive energy and courage in spite of the difficulties of life in the refugee camp.

Watch movies made by Palestinian youth on mobile phones:

The following films were filmed by media students in September 2019. The students and their teachers received a training from us in filming with a mobile phone.

A walk with the memory of Hasse ‚Samra‘

Illiterate in the city of Ramallah, but able to write in his own way

Why does Yazal not take part in the sports classes

Beit Lauya tries to preserve its traditional crafts, but they are disappearing 

The footballers of Beit Annan played so well, they brought a football field for their village

The rooftop playgrounds for refugee children

How can we address the problems we all face with our children?

The streets of Ramallah through the eyes of the street-vendors

So what do you think about when you are waiting at the Kalandia crossing?

Music gives me the chance to escape life on the one hand and on the other to explore it more deeply

Have you tried to bury your dream? I have done it.

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