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The Nonviolent Youth Service project started in June 2012, and was headed by Dana Tabari, with the aim of training 100 Palestinian youth from East Jerusalem in subjects such as nonviolence, conflict resolution, leadership and project management.

Participants then actively engaged with local civicl society by promoting volunteerism amongst their peers and managing a pilot project within their community. The project has now been successfully realised thanks to the collaboration and partnership of MEPI (US State Department, Middle East Partnership Initiative) and MEND.

Marginalization, the result of economic, social and political factors, means that young people lack opportunities and so often turn to violent or desctructive mechanisms to try and bring about change. This project has therefore successfully provided an alternative; giving at least some young people the skills and connections to bring about change in a positive nonviolent way, and a sense of the power of volunteerism and self-belief.

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