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From the outset, MEND’s approach has been participatory and innovative. MEND, having built its reputation on a holistic and creative approach to promoting nonviolence in schools, has taken this approach further to reach the general population.
Working through film, radio, bumper stickers and posters, training manuals, and other materials, MEND has changed the local attitude to nonviolence from one of skepticism or dismissal (when MEND was first established) to one of interest and appreciation – so that now even the Palestinian President and Prime Minister talk about nonviolence.

MEND has implemented more than 40 projects since its establishment, and our main achievements include:

  • Active Nonviolence Network in 9 centres throughout Palestine, including the Gaza Strip  

  • Summer Camps with children from South Africa, Northern Ireland, Kenya, and Palestine

  • Preparing alternate curriculum which aims to promote acceptance of the "Other"

  • Distribution of Bumper Stickers which question the outcome of violence

  • Radio Soap Opera program which promotes the value of nonviolence

  • Development of outreach educational materials for children with Sesame Workshop

  • Training for children and teachers in over 35 schools including the Jerusalem, Ramallah, Jericho, and Bethlehem areas.

  • Work with women and with girls’ schools in participatory video and empowerment

  • Town Hall Style Discussion internal political debates in local Palestinian areas

  • Youth Voices for Community Action Empowering youth to change their local situations

  • Video Conferencing Debates on Nonviolence between activists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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